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The Copywriting Ghostwriter

Have you ever felt like a failure? I have.

When my family first moved back to the United States after living in Europe for 10 years, I tried to find a job that would pay me enough to contribute to my family while allowing me to have a flexible schedule so that I could be around for my kids when they weren’t at school. Moving had been difficult for all of us, but especially for them.

And everywhere I went, I heard the same thing:

“We don’t offer anything flexible,”

and “We don’t have health insurance options for anyone other than you as an individual.” I should add here that my husband has an incurable autoimmune disease, and without health insurance, we would be spending thousands of dollars a month just to get the medication he needs to avoid having a never ending flare-up that would definitely lead to cancer (and possibly death).

So, that’s when I decided to start my own business and apply for state-supported health care. My husband was working as a painter, but there wasn’t a way for us to get health insurance through his job.

And then, I tried to be visible where people who needed my help hung out. I found clients here and there. I went back to school to become a certified copyeditor thinking that would make me more appealing as a developmental editor/novel coach. But no matter what I did, how many amazing offers and courses I created, the truth was, the people I wanted to help didn’t have the money to pay me what I was worth.

That realization hit me hard…

I knew it was time to think about my business with a fresh perspective because I couldn’t stand for things to stay the same.

Time To Get Creative

So, I thought about my skills, everything I loved to do, and who could pay me. That’s when I remembered what a podcast host who had recently interviewed me had said. When I asked her who made money writing fiction, she said the only ones she knew who could manage it (herself included) were trained copywriters. The people who write marketing and messaging for business people.

That’s when I went to work. I have always been a life-long learner, and I was determined to find someone who could teach me how to write copy. It took a while, but I finally found the right coach and mentor who believed that I could combine the power of storytelling with the sales psychology of copy. Everyone had told me I couldn’t combine the two. But Christa Nichols believed in me and accepted my application to her Written Results Academy.

Just a few months later, I had my own first $10,000 month as a business owner, and my clients were all getting at least a 2x what they had spent with me in just a few weeks. I realized my love of storytelling had transformed into a superpower that helped business people, who were more than happy to pay me to help them grow.

When we pivoted, we had our first 10K month in less than 90 days!

In the meantime, my boost in income gave us a buffer that let my husband go back to school on a state scholarship to learn to drive trucks. And now, we have amazing health care through his job as a local delivery truck driver.

That’s also around the time people started hiring me to write books for them. I had been creating my own books for over 10 years by that point, so I knew my writing voice well. It shocked me to find out that having such a clear, confident voice on my own let me adopt the voices of others when I wrote for them.

The Copywriting Ghostwriter was born, and Literary Symmetry pivoted from a book editing co-op to growth-centered business writing services for companies and entrepreneurs ready to level-up their offers, influence, and visibility. Now we work with wonderful, empathetic business people from all over the world.

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