Business Boost Makeover

Group Coaching

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of growth? Learning how to communicate your offers and results better while refining your vision and mission is the only path forward.

Build A Solid Foundation For Growth

Have you always wondered why some business writing gets clicks and sales and other business writing doesn’t?

In this 6-week business messaging cohort, not only will you go through the guided process of creating better offers, writing the essential copy you need to build a solid foundation of consistency, and learn how to use the power of your personal story to build your business—you’ll also learn how to write for your your business so that every piece of content you create will be compelling and filled with dynamic sales psychology.

Learn to Write for Your Business By Writing

What You Need to Grow in Just 6 Weeks

Week 0: Impact Accelerator

Week 1: Offer Build-Out

Week 2: Messaging Breakdown

Week 3: Copy That Calls

Week 4: Content Multiplier

Week 5: Email Bring Us Together

Week 6: Build and Scale

Week Zero Begins On Tuesday, February 7th, 2023


Gain instant access to Impact Accelerator, a detailed course that will walk you through how to get leads to pay to qualify themselves. Plug-and-play files and walk-through videos included.


Discover how to adjust your offer so that it is irresistible to your ideal client. Not only will you build out a better business ladder that ascends from your lead magnet to your high-ticket offer, you will also learn how to bridge all of your offers to create an unmatched customer experience. We will go over the different kinds of assets you can include in each offer and go over pricing basics so that you always get paid what you deserve. Plus, we will talk about avatars, how to think more like them, and when you should refuse to niche down to a more specific avatar.


Now that you know what offers you have, it’s time to take a closer look at your business messaging. With a plug-and-play Canva file, you will go through and create an updated messaging breakdown based on your refined business vision and irresistible offers. If you are a team, you will learn how to create a time to meet and create your messaging breakdown together so that everyone is on the same page. This will be one breakdown to rule them all.


Based on the foundation you’ve built so far, we will go up one level by creating website copy that does what it was made to do. Plus, we will start bridging your content and website to the lead magnet you plan to use to help your ideal clients get to know you better. Plug-and-play scripts and examples will be included.


Learning to diversify your assets. This week you will discover how to create multiple forms of content from one asset so that you can start advertising your lead magnet and plug it into your low-ticket offer. Plus, we go over our low-ticket offers together as a group to make sure they work within the goals you established in your business messaging breakdown report.


Now that you have your lead magnet, low-ticket offer, and consulting call from week 0 finished, it’s time to put all of them together in an unstoppable email sequence. This 12-email sequence will talk your ideal client through getting to know you while providing them with intense value. Plus, it will help them understand why they can’t wait to work with you. Plug-and-play scripts and writing support will both be provided.


It’s time to tie everything together. For our final week, we will help you see the clear path from meeting an interested potential client to signing them into your high-ticket offer based on the work you did in weeks 1 and 2. Get ready to have a solid picture of the future growth path for your business. In addition, we will discuss what building those programs could look like so that you know all of your options.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Ideally, you will need 3 to 4 hours each week to be able to complete the lessons and writing assignments.

I will be live in the group with new lessons every Tuesday at 2:00 pm EST and Thursday at 4:00 pm EST starting on February 14th for Week 1. Lessons will last for 30 minutes. Next, There will be 10 minutes of Q and A time. Then, we’ll have an option for 20 minutes of cowork where you dive into the writing exercise that corresponds with that lesson.

We will also have coworking time each Saturday at 11:00 am EST where we will work together and you can ask any questions you have.

Right before each lesson, you will gain access to the files you need to complete the writing tasks presented.

What If I Don’t Have Time Right Now?

The truth is, unless you are so busy with tasks that are actually earning you money, creating your foundation of consistency isn’t something you can afford to wait on.

Without consistency, it doesn’t matter how much visibility you have. You won’t be able to help your ideal clients learn how to trust you so that they want to hire you. If you’re struggling to make sales, now is the time to invest in building out your systems.

In this program, I have set up Week 0 to help you build an asset fast that will help bring in money quickly—because you shouldn’t have to struggle for the 6 additional weeks this course takes.

Whatever other program you’re in or class you’ve signed up for, before prioritizing that, ask yourself “Is this going to move the needle for me in a significant way?” If the answer is “No,” you might want to consider moving the Business Boost Makeover up on your priority list.

I’m all for following things through and avoiding shiny-object syndrome. But this program is designed to build a strong foundation for your business, because without that, it is difficult to gain the momentum you need to survive, thrive, and then grow and scale.

Are you ready for something different? Do you want to build a machine that will get you leads and make you money? Sign up today.