Learn To Write An Irresistible Introduction

Get readers hooked on your message,

not your mistakes.

write fewer words, tell better stories

The Storytelling Machine Method

Digital Book + Bonuses

Write Fewer Words, Tell Better Stories

Use This Unique, Breakthrough Method To Learn The Best Writing System To Put Out Stories

That Create Human Connection And Get Great Reviews.

Story Staples

New Course For Writers Who Want to Save Time and Connect With Readers

Use This Breakout Framework “Story Staples” To Write The Story Of Your Heart In A Way That Will Connect With Readers Of Your Genre Every Time.

story staples

Story Starter Coaching

What If You Could Make Sure Your Story Was Going To Make Readers Happy BEFORE You Started Writing?

Learn why it’s not your fault that you haven’t been able to write a book that resonates with readers yet, and how to do the research that helps you understand what readers really want!

All with a personal novel coach to cheer you on!

Story Boot Camp

New Boot Camp for Adventurous Writers Who Want Results, Fast

Use This Fast-Paced & Fun 20-Day Challenge To Learn How To Write Short Stories That Create Human Connection And Tell Readers

Who You Really Are.


story boot camp

What People Are Saying About

Literary Symmetry’s Editing Services

Even though it’s [Kristin’s] job to point out all of my weak spots, not once have I felt disheartened by what she has to say. Yes, there’s a brief sinking sensation every time she goes to pull out her pages of notes, but by the time we get through them all, I’m excited and ready to get to work!

Jessica Nardulli


“Maria’s corrections and recommendations were right to the point, and she raised the standards of our work. She was fast and accurate. Her experience is evident and, all in all, our collaboration was very efficient and smooth.”

Elena Koufaki

Board Game Designer

“You won’t regret getting this service. Big and small issues are dealt with professionally, meaning that the writer does not come away feeling like a dunce.”

Barb Miller


You won’t find a more dedicated editor with a love for books and a real eye for the finer points of structure and syntax. Courteous and timely, I’d highly recommend these services.

James Schannep


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