Your Business Story Vault

 Connect With Your Dream Clients Using Your 3 Most Important Stories Combined With Powerful Sales PsychologyWithout Having to Write a Word Yourself!

Introducing… Your Business Story Vault

Have an expert storyteller and writer extract your stories, layer them with proven sales psychology, and give you the 3 stories you need to tell to become the expert in the minds of your ideal clients—someone they can’t wait to work with.

Normally, to hire an expert ghostwriter and copywriter with my level of experience

to write stories like these for you, it would cost upward of $1,000.

But if you sign up today, you’ll pay just a fraction of that!

For Just A Low, One-Time Payment of $297!

What if you could hop on a 30-minute call, and just 2 hours later, have 3 expertly crafted stories that help you connect with your dream clients no matter what their concerns are?


What if you knew exactly what to say without having to think through anything on the spot and you knew that you were hitting all of the connection points you needed to make a sale?


What if you could learn how to use your professional superpowers to connect with the people who need you most after just one call?


That is what Your Business Story Vault will do for you. Not only is all this possible, but I do it for business owners constantly.

“But Kristin,” You Might Be Wondering, “Why is this offer different?”

woman working at table with laptop pens notebook and cup working on business growth and business writing services

Let me tell you.

I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of false hype and undeliverable promises. But I would never do that to you. It’s my mission to help. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried these things before, all without any worthwhile results—


-You’ve used a plug and play PDF that doesn’t have room for the most important part of your story or your original style of communication.


-You’ve tried to hire someone for $5 on Fiverr to write your business story, but the writing just isn’t custom enough and the sales psychology is missing.


-You’ve tried to write your story yourself, and then been frustrated when the person you were telling it to didn’t seem to get the point.


The truth is, Your Business Story Vault is different because I don’t try to get you to do any of those things. Instead, I walk you through your story using my time-tested framework and then add the sales psychology you need into your story, and all in your unique voice.


And then, I send you the 3 stories professionally written and edited so all you have to do is memorize them, use them when you meet potential clients in person, and post them all over social media to your heart’s content.


That’s why today is the day to sign up for Your Business Story Vault call.

What are you waiting for?

For Just A Low, One-Time Payment of $297!

Get the Results You Need Without the Hassle of Learning How to Do One More Thing That Won’t Pay You Your Hourly Rate

It’s Time to Make Your Meetings Work For You, Instead of the Other Way Around

Who is this offer for?

-Business owners who are tired of awkward discovery calls or in-person meetings


-Those who struggle with social anxiety and need a memorized story to help them communicate with people they’ve just met


-People who understand that learning how to use sales psychology inside of storytelling framework isn’t their superpower


-Those who realize it’s time for them to focus more on meetings with potential clients instead of writing what they want to say during those meetings


-Anyone who feels stuck because they know their professional communication could be better

Who this offer isn’t for?

-Entrepreneurs who want to be able to do everything inside their business on their own


-Those who are fine feeling stuck because they don’t have the communication tools they need to create trust with the people who really need their help


-Anyone who doesn’t like to have an expert come in and simplify their everyday tasks

where to use your ghostwritten business stories

I Know How to Help Because I’ve Been There Before…

Kristin Spencer Business Writing

My name is Kristin Spencer, and my specialty is helping business owners take charge of their communication with potential clients so that they can finally get the business growth they’ve been wanting all along.


It’s true that my passion for both storytelling and sales psychology makes me unique in the world of copywriters and ghostwriters. I understand what it takes to craft compelling pieces of writing that will connect you with the kind of people you love working with because I had to learn how to do the same for my own business.


After pivoting from fiction editing to business writing, I was able to take my own business from zero clients to a robust list of legacy clients that want me to take care of all their business writing needs. All through the power of storytelling combined with sales psychology.


And now, after 15+ years as a professional writer and editor, I can do the same for your business, using your uncommon story in your unique voice. Without you actually having to write a word.


It is my mission to help you get the stories you need written so that your business can finally see the lengthy client roster you deserve.


That’s my story, and I can’t wait to learn yours.

During Our Time Together, We’ll Go Over…

-How you got started in your industry and why this is so important to your prospective clients

-What makes your background unique and perfectly suited to serving your clients’ needs

-The kind of results you can get for people who choose to work with you

-How you overcame the big struggles your client is facing right now and how you can help them do the same


And I’ll even help you sort through your unique selling proposition if you don’t have that dialed in already.

woman using headset to talk to client

And Since I Want You to Be 100% Sure that This is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For, Let’s Go Through Some FAQs Together

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

You might be wondering…


How much time will this take to implement?


Once we have our 30- to 60-minute call (it will take longer if you don’t already have a well-written Unique Selling Proposition/USP), it will take fewer than 2 hours for me to send you the 3 stories ready for any notes you have. After one round of revisions, we’re finished! All you have to do at that point is post your stories wherever you want, and memorize them for future in-person interactions.


There is no way you’re going to understand how complicated my story is in just an hour. How is this even possible?


Because of my experience and proven framework, I know exactly which parts of your story I need to understand to write the three parts of your story vault to create a connection between you in and your customers. This cuts way down on the time I need to get the moments of your life’s story we’re sharing just right.


How long before I see a difference when I use this?


When you use these stories, you will see a difference immediately! You will have an instant confidence boost knowing that you have the right words for the right situation, no matter what kind of business interaction you’re going through.


How long will the effectiveness last?


Indefinitely! No matter what kind of accelerated business growth you experience, these stories will always be relevant, and they will always take your audience through the know, like, trust steps to help them understand why they need your specific help.


Is this worth the investment? Will I make my money back?


The confidence and clarity that knowing exactly what to say during your next discovery call should more than cover the price of this service. And you will continue to see a return on your investment as you use these stories over and over again to help new clients and contacts move through the sales psychology associated with know, like, and trust.


Other people offer this for free. Why does this cost $297?


If you want my 15+ years of professional writing experience and you aren’t willing to pay for it, then we aren’t a good fit to work together. And there’s freedom for both of us in that statement. But if you are serious about leveling up your storytelling, this is a great way to do it without having to spend over $1,400, which is what most copywriters and ghostwriters would charge for this kind of bundle.


What do I stand to gain? How will this impact my financial future?


Clarity is vital to business growth. If you want to be able to get in front of anyone in your target audience and help them understand why you are their best option for help in just a few minutes, you need the Your Business Story Vault. If you don’t communicate your story, your message, and your offer well, you cannot make sales, and that’s the simple truth.


What kind of results can I expect to see?


You will experience an instant confidence boost once you have your stories because you won’t ever have to wonder what you should say in any business interaction ever again. And, you’ll be surprised that even when people have heard one of your stories before, they are usually excited to hear it again. That is the power an expertly-crafted story has, it can create excitement in the hearts of those who have heard it several times before, because they know it is going to inspire them.


Why can’t I just write my own story and have it be as effective as the story you’ll write for me? I don’t have to pay myself to write.


I’m a trained writer and editor in both fiction and nonfiction. Plus, I’m a business messaging expert and copywriter which means I understand sales psychology. Even if you’re an amazing writer, you aren’t trained to understand how to combine the amazing literary devices we find in fiction with the sales psychology you need your prospective client to go through as you tell your story. And that’s okay. You have your superpower and I have mine. My superpower just happens to be writing your story in a way that will connect you with the people you really want to work with.


What if I don’t like the way you make me sound?


One of the things I work hardest at is making sure I capture the voices of my clients. If write as myself, the right prospective customers won’t resonate with the stories. Because of this, I offer one round of story revisions, but I also listen carefully to the words you use and the way you say things when you answer my questions on the call. No one works harder than I do to amplify your unique voice.


What if I have questions? Is there someone who can help me?


Yes, of course. If you have any questions at all, you can email me directly at I will get back to you as soon as I can.


When do I get access to the offer?


Once you finish going through this page, you will be taken to the membership site where you will be able to use your special link under the “Your Business Story Vault” section to schedule our call together. Plus, as a reminder, you will also be emailed the link directly. Once we hop on a call, you will have your 3 compelling stories in just a few hours.

For Just A Low, One-Time Payment of $297!

Don’t Take My Word For It, See What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Your Business Story Vault

“This was insanely helpful. Kristin is a clear communicator and makes this much less intimidating. It’s definitely worth your time and money. You won’t regret it!”

–Wendy Z., Author & Coach,

Hard is Only Half

–Rob S., Author & CEO,

Rob’s School of Music

“When I was seeking someone to help me get my story out of my brain onto a page, I interviewed many people. Kristin immediately and clearly was the only choice when compared to everyone else. She was attentive, calm, understanding, sincere, and passionate about everything I was saying and truly made me feel like the value I thought I had in my story was real, because it was. I offloaded my story out of my mind and tasked her with stringing it together into something cohesive. I am beyond impressed. It over exceeded every expectation I could have had. She literally got my voice down perfectly, to the point, where no one would be able to tell that I didn’t write every single word.

If you have any doubts, she’ll work you through them like a perfect coach and a perfect friend. I would recommend her services to anyone. In fact, I already have recommended them to multiple friends of mine who are already in contact with her. She’s the one to go with, 1000%. There’s no one else.”

This Is Everything You’ll Get When You Sign Up For Your Business Story Vault Today

A One-On-One, 30-Minute Story Coaching Call
(Value $150)

Access to my time-tested storytelling framework through questions I’ve formulated over years of working with business owners. Questions that will get me the best answers possible for me to be able to write your 3 stories in just 30 minutes.

Instant Analysis & Feedback On Your Unique Selling Proposition
(Value $300)

Consulting time with me so that we make sure your stories match your unique selling proposition (Don’t have one? No worries, we can create one for you in the first five minutes of the call.)


After talking through your unique selling proposition, I will instantly help you understand what can be improved so that your clients have crystal-clear clarity on how you help them get the results they need.


Your improved USP will be included in your final file.

3 Expertly Crafted and Edited Personalized Business Stories
(Value $1,000)

Your delivered file will include 3 unique stories you can memorize so that no matter what business situation you are in, you can illustrate how you can help through the engaging and memorable art of storytelling.


With one round of included edits and corrections via Google Docs, you can be sure that if there is anything you want to add or modify in your story, you will still end up with something professionally edited and polished.


Your Story Vault, made up of the 3 most important stories you need will be expertly crafted with the information you really need to get your professional voice out into the world so you can establish your business reputation in an endearing way.

This Packages Total Value Is: $1,450

But If You Sign Up Today, You’ll Get Your Business Story Vault For Almost 80% Off!

Are you ready to finally have the words you need to help

prospects understand why you’re the one they need help from?

For Just A One-Time Payment of $297!