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Tell us what you need. Show us what’s included in your offer. We’ll do the writing. We’re the ones you can trust for efficient, engaging business writing services.

Business Writing Services We Offer

Sales Page Copy

Walk your dream client through the steps of sales psychology that will help them understand why they need you and your offer so much.

We know exactly what to put on your sales page to get your ideal prospects to purchase your offer.

Website Copy

Make sure that visitors of your website see the information they need and also get the internet bots to index your website with SEO that moves your page up on different SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Messaging Report

Get a comprehensive report created that tells you exactly what your Unique Selling Proposition is, the promise you’re making to the customers who work with you. In addition, it will tell you why your offer stack is the only solution that will work for your clients. This one-time messaging comprehensive will you give you the clarity you need to talk to any prospects about your services!

Email Sequence Creation

Nurture your prospects one email at a time as you help them get to know you better and show them exactly what your business can help them with.

Ad Copy

We write Facebook ads that get results. Our expert copy will help you connect the prospects who need your product directly to your sales page.

With our proven system, we will help you hook your dream customers to get them more awake, aware, and ready to take action on your offer.

Social Media Posts

Learn to leverege the power of parasocial relationships using our proven social media posting framework. We offer a jump-start system that takes people who come into contact with your account from not knowing you, to liking and trusting you in just 15 days!

Lead Magnet Creation

Show up with something amazing that will prove to your dream customers that you can help, by giving them a quick win with a proven lead magnet creation system. Whatever business you’re in, we can help you create something will have people thinking about you first, whenever they need the type or service you provide.

Business Book Ghostwriting

With our time-tested proven storytelling framework, we take your stories and turn them into a client attraction machine in the form of a book that can simultaneous earn you passive income through book sales.

Become an Amazon bestseller, book media opportunities through having a book, and establish yourself as the leading expert in your industry.


You already have too much to do every day.

You don’t also need the worry of creating compelling copy that accurately represents your brand and whatever your current offer is. Copywriters exist to help businesses behind the scenes so that they busy owners and operators like you don’t need to worry about your business copy.

Since our copywriting firm is powered by language nerds, we know the way to write persuasive, grammatically correct copy that will help you relate to your dream customers every time. You don’t need to think twice about your copy when you hire us to provide you with our proven and tested business writing services.

As professional writers and copyeditors, we will help your copy:

-Communicate your offer simply

-Prove to your dream customers why your solution is the best option

-Use the power of parasocial relationships to find your people online and teach them how valuable your services really are

But don’t take our word for it.

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Chief Writer &

Content Creator



“Kristin does not robotically write what you tell her. She questions the content. She makes the chaos make sense. She is a ghostwriter but she has completely owned and transformed our project thus far. It is not a paycheck for her. It is a true passion. She willingly imparts her knowledge of best practices and has provided invaluable feedback in areas we didn’t even know existed. Kristin has made this process that much easier. It is without hesitation that I recommend her for all your book launch and writing needs.”

professional business woman
Neela Singh

Change & Strategy Manager | Project Manager | EQ Coach | HR & Finance | Operations 🦄

Revenue Zone Media

“Where do I begin! Literary Symmetry went above and beyond the scope of the work to deliver the product that would not only position my business in the right direction but set my brand up for long-term success. Kristin took the time to conduct a thorough analysis of what my business needed to build my social media presence, awareness and how to land/convert future clients through developing easy, attractive, and memorable content. Consider yourself blessed to work for such an expert at her caliber. I am so appreciative of the outcome I received and look forward to working with her on future projects.”

Kenyatta Young

Global Human Resources Executive | Purpose Coach | Speaker | Author

Pencil Skirt Project




What Writing Project Do You Need Done Now To Grow Your Business?

What project have you been putting off that you know could help your business grow? What unfinished offer is keeping you up at night? Do you dream about what could happen if you finally did that website rewrite? Do you wonder what amazing changes you could accomplish if you finally had an easy-to-follow messaging report?

If you need to get a project that’s lived in your heart out onto a page, we’re here to help. We have worked with countless business owners to help them make their offer-related dreams into reality, and we can do the same for you.

Even if you’ve never worked with a business writing service provider before, our proven system will help you create and execute the business goals you’ve been wanting to try, starting today.


Don’t Stress About Your Business Writing Needs For One More Day

-Kristin Spencer

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