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–Ashley Sutterfield, I help packaged food entrepreneurs understand their production options for profitable growth.

Sage Food Experts

Kristin has completely transformed my business. Kristin gave my brand a voice through copywriting that actually resonated with me and in turn resonates with my clients and audience. In just 6 months my business has grown to 3x the revenue because of the copy Kristin has written. She understands my values and portrays that into my brand in an intuitive and powerful way.

Working with Kristin is like being with a friend who want the absolute best for your business. I love sitting down to brainstorm with Kristin and then stand in awe at the copy that comes to life.

And Kristin’s ghostwriting skills are incredible! I work in a unique space that was new to her, but she immediately got it and I know that when I record a video she is going to take all the good and juicy parts and put them in my voice.

Kristin makes my life easier and I trust her implicitly. To put it simply, she is an integral part of my business and I cannot recommend working with Kristin enough.

Kristin managed to sum up more within a half hour call than I’ve been able to do in years on my own. Sometimes, you just really need a professional to listen, take your words, and spin them into everything they were meant to be. I’m so grateful to have a folder of my business stories that I can go back to again and again!

–Cait Donovan, Burnout Expert, Author & Coach,

I work with organizations to reduce burnout so they can keep top talent.

–Rob S., Author & CEO,

Rob’s School of Music

Kristin collaborated with me on a project documenting my life’s journey as a musician. She was encouraging, professional, punctual, and a pleasure to work with. She captured my tone and voice and helped me create an incredible book. She also did a fantastic job with the layout of my book and getting everything set up on Amazon. Recently I hired her to do a custom messaging report for my business and help with some web copy. I would recommend her to any and everyone!

Kristin Spencer has one of the quickest minds when it comes to executing high-level copywriting skills and strategies. She’s deeply creative and intuitive, and her writing style is clear, compelling, and convincing. As a copywriter, she gets what triggers sales and helps her clients grow. As a ghostwriter, she weaves storytelling with education in a way that keeps readers turning page after page. I highly recommend her services.

–Christa Nichols, Copywriting Expert & Coach,

Christa Nichols Copy

–Neela, Start Up Strategist,

Toxic to Terrific

After an intense search for a ghostwriter our group of companies hired Kristin to complete a book project for us. What we noted during the interview process was an intense passion for writing with an intent to do an outstanding job. Well, this is exactly what we got and then some. Kristin does not robotically write what you tell her.

She questions the content. She makes the chaos make sense. She is a ghostwriter but she has completely owned and transformed our project thus far. It is not a paycheck for her. It is a true passion. She willingly imparts her knowledge of best practices and has provided invaluable feedback in areas we didn’t even know existed. A book launch is a big project for an organized cross functional team and even more so for a small team like ours. Kristin has made this process that much easier.

It is without hesitation that I recommend her for all your book launch and writing needs.

Where do I begin? Kristin went above and beyond the scope of the work to deliver the product that would not only position my business in the right direction but set my brand up for long-term success. She took the time to conduct a thorough analysis of what my business needed to build my social media presence, and awareness and how to land/convert future clients through developing easy, attractive, and memorable content. Additionally, she served as an amazing editor of my recent book as well, which has transformed thousands of lives already. Consider yourself blessed to work for such an expert of her caliber. I am so appreciative of the outcome I received and look forward to working with her on future projects.

–Kenyatta Young, Executive, Author, & Coach,

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