Impact Accelerator

Because You Shouldn’t Have to Spend All Day on Discovery Calls & Not Get Paid

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Impact Accelerator

Course Section 1

Lessons 1-5

Lesson 1—Introduction

You create a consulting call based on one of the most important problems your client has right now.

Get paid to prove what you can do for them.



Lesson 2—Course Overview

What is the Impact Accelerator?

  • Paid Consulting Call to Qualify Paid Leads and Introduce Follow-Up Offer
  • Building this accelerator will take a bit of time, but it’s well worth the investment. It took me a year and a half to build and test this system.

Offer + System + Sales Page


Course Overview

Lesson 3—Your Professional Purpose

What I most love to do?

What I do well?

What others need?

What others will pay me to do?

You need all four of these zones to match up if you want to keep feelings of fulfillment and financial accomplishment at levels that will provide for your emotional and physical needs.


Your Professional


Lesson 4—Questions to Consider [Part 1]

Instead of thinking only about what you want to do and what you’re good at, you need to ask some important questions when you’re trying to come up with your offer.

Be curious about what they need and what you can give.


Questions Part 1

Lesson 5—Questions to Consider [Part 2]

It’s time to make sure that your person will get the results you promise by thinking through these questions

I adapted these questions for myself based on what I learned from the business-savy Alex Hormozi in his book $100M Offers.


Questions Part 2

Impact Accelerator

Course Section 2

Walk-Through 1-4 and Sales Page Demonstration

Walk-Through 1—The Questionnaire

Now that you know what your offer is and who it’s for, it’s time to fill out the questionnaire that will help you with all your plug and play scripts.

I’m here and we’re in this together!


The Questionnaire

Walk Through #2—Sales Page Plug-and-Play

Now that you know what your offer is and who it’s for, it’s time for you to plug your information into the plug-and-play sales page.

Help them understand why this is an opportunity they can’t say “no” to!


Sales Page

Walk-Through #3—Video Sales Letter (VSL) Script

Next, plug your information into the plug-and-play VSL Script.

You look good! Don’t worry about it being perfect. Imperfect will sell even better!


Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Walk Through #4—Email Sequence Plug-and-Play

Time to write those emails and present your follow-up offer.

You’re so close! You’ve got this!


Email Sequence

Sales Letter Demonstration

Finally, you get to see a completed sales page!

I’m showing you my VSL so you understand it doesn’t have to be perfect to work. Stay tuned until the end.



Sales Page