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What is Novel Coaching?

Novel Coaching, AKA developmental or substantive editing is the careful process of understanding and enhancing your story.

Maybe you’re a new writer, or just dealing with a beast of a project. Do you need someone who knows how to fix plot holes and further character development? It could be that you aren’t sure if your story lives up to its potential. Maybe you’re three-fourths of the way through your manuscript and you’re stuck. That’s why we’re here. As avid readers, authors, and editors we understand the principles behind what transforms a mediocre book into a page-turner. Novel coaches/developmental editors are trained to find any holes or slow points in your plot, subplots, and/or character arcs and further develop your story. They also help with pacing, style continuity, tone, and reader expectations.

Full-Service Prices

15,000-25,000 Words starting at $2,000*

25,001-50,000 Words starting at $3,000*

50,001-75,000 Words starting at $5,000*

75,001-100,000 Words starting at $7,500*

These prices include the following:

  • Detailed notes on how to improve your plot and characters
  • Genre and style analysis throughout manuscript notes
  • Conversational coaching about both positive and negative aspects of your book
  • Two emails per week
  • Four 1-hour coaching calls total

We’ve been there, and we can help.

What makes the difference between a coherent and stirring character arc and an annoying protagonist that everyone will hate? Are there too many spectacular things happening in your Contemporary Fiction? Is your Young Adult or New Adult work outdated and struggling to keep up with the current trends? Is your Sci-fi too heavy or too light for your intended audience? Are you accidentally writing a Fantasy novel? How can you make your Nonfiction come to life? Do you need someone to set specific word count goals and follow up on how your project is coming?

Think of us as your one-on-one workshop partners. For a fraction of the cost of joining support groups or hiring other book editors, we will read and analyze your book, schedule a guaranteed amount of phone or video call meetings, and give you detailed notes on your manuscript.

* Prices listed above are for standard manuscripts. If we feel that your project will require more attention and time than these prices include, we will email you with options and suggestions.

Note: If you have scheduled an appointment for your manuscript to be edited, please be aware that we must have it on the agreed-upon date. We need at least four weeks to process each manuscript, depending on its length, and a back-log will affect other clients. Late manuscripts will incur a $150 late fee or will be subject to cancelation at which point Literary Symmetry will retain the 25% deposit.

Want to work together?

Leave us a message and we’ll get in touch!

I’m stuck, but I don’t need

full-service help.

Have you heard of “writers’ block?” Well, we want to let you in on a secret, it’s not real.

If you’re stuck, but you don’t need full-service novel coaching, you might have what’s called “writer’s fatigue.”

To combat writer’s fatigue, you can sign up for a 1-hour coaching call with our resident Novel Coach for only $300.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you could just step over that stuck sensation. Now you can.

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