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What We Offer

Novel Coaching

Also known as developmental or substantive editing, this one-on-one coaching means that our Chief Editor will work through your entire manuscript with you, going over everything to make sure your characters, plot, and setting are satisfying and complete according to the established reader expectations of your chosen genre. This step comes before copyediting and proofreading.

Like your favorite t-shirt, this service comes in different sizes. Choose between light, medium, and heavy copyediting. We will go through your piece word by word, making sure that you have consistent grammar and style. Medium and heavy both come with helpful suggestions of what might fit better. All copyediting quotes include a second read-through after the author has made and accepted/rejected changes.

Is the page blurring before your eyes? After the third or fourth edit, authors get something called mistake blindness, which means you can’t see mistakes anymore. Think of it as autocorrect, but inside of your brain. Our fresh eyes will be able to see the things you’ve missed. Let us help you make your manuscript shine.