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Testimonials from Our Wonderful Clients


Jessica worked with Kristin, one of our Developmental Editors. Here is her testimonial.

Warning: Working with Kristin will change the way you look at literature. You’ll start noticing things you never paid attention to before, like inconsistent speech patterns and repetitive phrasing. You’ll find yourself scrutinizing character relationships and whether the words they use for each other are relatable to the way they feel. And contractions? You’ll never look at them the same way again.

Bonus warning: You’re going to hate these changes and love them at the same time.Kristin’s greatest strength is her ability to show you an issue and help you reach a point where you can solve it on your own. Problematic sentence? She’ll read it to you, explain why it caught her eye, and then ask “How would you fix this?” Lack of detail? She’ll start asking world building questions. Poor character development? She’ll fire question after question until you discover you knew a character’s motivation all along.

Even though it’s her job to point out all of my weak spots, not once have I felt disheartened by what she has to say. Yes, there’s a brief sinking sensation every time she goes to pull out her pages of notes, but by the time we get through them all, I’m excited and ready to get to work!

I’d never had experience with Developmental Editors before, but now that I have, I can’t imagine not hiring one to check over my work before it’s done. I love what Kristin has done so far for my novel and for me as a writer!


Elena Koufaki worked with our wonderful Maria Mountokalaki who provided Proofreading and Copy Editing services.

Elena says:

“Maria’s corrections and recommendations were right to the point, and she raised the standards of our work. She was fast and accurate. Her experience is evident and, all in all, our collaboration was very efficient and smooth.”

We asked Elena what she would say to someone considering using our services. Her response was:

“Don’t think twice! They know what they’re doing!”


James Schannep worked with Maria Mountokalaki, who translated his book, INFECTED (Click Your Poison), from English to Greek. Here is what he had to say.

“[Maria’s] service was so thorough that she actually found errors in the original English-text manuscript. The published manuscript, I might add, which had already been reviewed by a professional editor and had been in the public eye for many years. Thanks to her keen eye for detail, I was able to correct these errors for future editions.You won’t find a more dedicated editor with a love for books and a real eye for the finer points of structure and syntax. Courteous and timely, I’d highly recommend these services.”


Barb Miller worked with our Developmental Editor, Kristin Spencer, on Likely Suspects, a history romantic suspense novel.

This is what she had to say:

“With Regency novels, the big issue is clarity for all readers without losing the flavor of the language of that period. Kristin could easily identify words and customs that would trip up a modern reader. She also pointed out issues with action scenes and motivation along with any grammar/punctuation problems.When asked what Barb would say to someone considering our services she said:You won’t regret getting this service. Big and small issues are dealt with professionally, meaning that the writer does not come away feeling like a dunce.”

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