Your Business Story Pathway

Welcome to the Your Business Story Pathway Class, where you will:

Learn how to articulate what you do, in just a few minutes,

by answering 5 questions you already know the answers to

without having to worry that you won’t sound like yourself.

Discover how to explain what you do in a compelling

and authentic way, in just two minutes, without

others losing interest.

Increase your confidence instantly so that when you share

with others what your professional superpower is,

they believe you and hire you on the spot.

Learn to conquer the fear of rejection

so that when you get in front of a potential client,

you know exactly what to say to prove that you can help them.

Discover how to build your business story so that

you can always give a fast, compelling answer that uses your story

to connect you with the other person, in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Learn how to tell stories based on past wins you’ve gotten

for clients to show your audience (or prospects, or dream clients)

that you can help them, too, no matter where they are right now.

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Are You Ready to take Your Business Story to the Next Level?

 Connect With Your Dream Clients Using Your 3 Most Important Stories Combined With Powerful Sales PsychologyWithout Having to Write a Word Yourself!

Introducing… Your Business Story Vault

Have an expert storyteller and writer extract your stories, layer them with proven sales psychology, and give you the 3 stories you need to tell to become the expert in the minds of your ideal clients—someone they can’t wait to work with.

“This was insanely helpful. Kristin is a clear communicator and makes this much less intimidating. It’s definitely worth your time and money. You won’t regret it!”

–Wendy Z., Author & Coach,

Hard is Only Half

–Rob S., Author & CEO,

Rob’s School of Music

“When I was seeking someone to help me get my story out of my brain onto a page, I interviewed many people. Kristin immediately and clearly was the only choice when compared to everyone else. She was attentive, calm, understanding, sincere, and passionate about everything I was saying and truly made me feel like the value I thought I had in my story was real, because it was. I offloaded my story out of my mind and tasked her with stringing it together into something cohesive. I am beyond impressed. It over exceeded every expectation I could have had. She literally got my voice down perfectly, to the point, where no one would be able to tell that I didn’t write every single word.

If you have any doubts, she’ll work you through them like a perfect coach and a perfect friend. I would recommend her services to anyone. In fact, I already have recommended them to multiple friends of mine who are already in contact with her. She’s the one to go with, 1000%. There’s no one else.”