Your Profit Story Offer Audit

Discover How to Communicate Your Offers and Expertise to Get Paid What You’re Worth

There’s a Better Way to Communicate Your Offer Clearly Based on Proven Offer Creation Methods Without Having to Hop On Countless Research Calls or

Dancing on Social Media

Introducing… Your Profit Story Offer Audit

For Just One Payment of $997!

Have you ever wondered what could happen for you if you could just communicate why you’re worth your hourly

wage by explaining the benefits of your offers better?

Well, you aren’t alone.

See Dramatic Transformation in Just a Few Days!

What if you could hop on two 90-minute calls, and just a few days later, get a comprehensive report that helps you communicate why your offers are so full of value so that you can see client purchases and succeed, no matter what you’ve tried already?


What if you could talk about what expertise you bring into your clients lives and know that you were getting all of the sales you needed to finally take your business to the next level?


What if you could learn how to use benefit focused language and build momentum through connected offers that increase the lifetime value of your clients after we hop on just two calls?


That is what the Your Profit Story Offer Audit will do for you. Not only is all this possible, but I do it for business owners constantly.

“But Kristin,” You Might Be Wondering, “Why are these consulting meetings different?”

woman working at table with laptop pens notebook and cup working on business growth and business writing services

Let me tell you.

I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of false hype and undeliverable promises. But I would never do that to you. It’s my mission to help. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried these things before, all without any worthwhile results


  • You’ve used a plug and play script to talk about your offers, but no one purchased them.

  • You’ve tried to lower your prices to get more clients, but the results just didn’t live up to what you had hoped and you felt even more desperate than before.

  • You’ve tried to market yourself better and restructure your offers time and time again, and then been frustrated when you still couldn’t find the answers you needed.


The truth is, the Your Profit Story Offer Audit is different because I use your voice and your expertise to create the first 3 offers in your business staircase if you don’t have them already. And if you do, I create language and come up with pricing for you so that you’re much more likely to be able to sell those offers. Instead of giving you more hype and sending you a tutorial or course, I help you finalize your offers, prices, descriptions, and customer journey all with my proven strategies so that you can finally grow and expand to do more of what you really love to do.


And then, I send you a customized Your Profit Story Offer Audit report so all you have to do is print it out and memorize the different names and descriptions of the offers in your new, organized business staircase. And I even give you ideas of how you can keep that momentum going by using your expert skills to think of follow-up offers.


That’s why today is the day to sign up for the Your Profit Story Offer Audit calls.

What are you waiting for?

For Just One Payment of $997!

Get the Results You Need Without the Hassle of Begging People to Understand Your Worth and Hire You

It’s Time to Make Your Business Offers Work For You, Instead of the Other Way Around

Literary Symmetry Your Profit Story Offer Audit

Who is this offer for?

  • Business owners who are tired of not knowing what to say when people seem interested in working with them.

  • Those who struggle with communicating the benefits of their offers to help them get more sales and increased income.

  • People who understand that learning how to craft offers and the language about them isn’t their superpower.

  • Those who realize it’s time for them to focus more on getting results for their clients and customers instead of trying to build out their customer journey and trying to figure out what the prices, pain points, and promotional features should be.

  • Anyone who feels stuck because they know their follow-up offers could be better.

Who this offer isn’t for?

  • Business owners who want to be able to do everything on their own.

  • Those who are fine feeling stuck because they don’t have the tools they need to create compelling offers and follow-up offers and talk about them with confidence.

  • Anyone who doesn’t like to have an expert come in and simplify their client/customer experience and help them use benefit-based language to increase their active client numbers.

I Know How to Help Because I’ve Been There Before…

My name is Kristin Spencer, and my specialty is helping business owners understand their professional worth so that they can finally communicate their offers and value so they can see the business growth they’ve been wanting all along.


It’s true that my passion for personal storytelling makes me unique in the world of business writing and offer creation. I understand what it takes to create something functional and memorable when creating business writing. And all because I had to learn how to do the same thing when I had to pivot my fiction editing firm in the middle of a pandemic to make sure I could pay my bills and take care of my team.


After we realized we could use the power of storytelling to help business owners, I was able to identify a hole in the market because a lot of my business writing clients didn’t even have an offer for me to write about. All through the power of intuitive thinking, the passion to serve others, and the willingness to keep searching for what would work.


And now, after 15+ years as a professional writer and 3 years as a business writing expert, I can do the same for you, using my proven method for creating Your Profit Story Offer Audit. Without you actually having to figure out your worth or your message on your own.


It is my mission to help you get the clarity and messaging you need so that you can finally see the map of your customer/client journey that will create the profit you deserve.


That’s my story, and I can’t wait to learn yours.

During Our Time Together, We’ll Go Over…

  • All of your Current Assets to name and bundle into a better Business Staircase.

  • The way you communicate about your offer using language that appeals to all 3 different types of purchasers.

  • The One Big Sentence you have for each offer and asset so that you can give a quick description with confidence, clarity, and consistency

  • Value versus price and how you can use the difference between these two numbers to make yourself stand out from the competition.


And I’ll even help you with understanding the Heart of Your Offers so you can communicate how passionate you are about helping individuals in your industry if you don’t have that dialed in already.

For Just One Payment of $997!

And Since I Want You to Be 100% Sure that This is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For, Let’s Go Through Some FAQs Together

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

You might be wondering…


Why can’t I just do this on my own? That way I don’t have to pay someone else.


It would take you years to learn all of the offer creation information that’s already stored in my brain, and decades to learn all of the communication skills when it comes to writing and speaking. That’s not the best use of your personal resources because you already have a professional superpower, and business writing and offer creation isn’t it or you wouldn’t be hanging out with me on this page.

Plus, there is a huge benefit of having an objective, outside opinion when it comes to your skills, your offers, and your ideal clients. I can help you pick out which of your skills we can market so that you can do more of your favorite parts of your professional superpower. But if you don’t already know how to connect what the client thinks they need to improve, you’ll never gain permission to actually share with them the thing that will finally give them the results they want.


There is no way you’re going to understand how to help me build and describe my offers in just two 90-minute calls.


After working with lots of business owners on their messaging and offers, I have created a proven strategy to get the information I need from you in just 3 hours. Using my specific questionnaires, I can learn exactly what your professional superpower is, understand how to communicate it to your ideal clients, and customize your offers so that the value of what you do makes you stand above your competition.

And all of this will be reported to you in a tested, easy-to-follow report that many of clients have said acts as a road map for their business growth moving forward.


What if I don’t like the results we come up with?


One of the things I work hardest at is making sure that I can give you a plan that allows you to communicate in your unique business voice that appeals to your ideal client, all using the combined powers of storytelling and sales psychology.

When we’re walking through each offer audit questionnaire together, I make sure that you like the names, descriptions, and plans we’ve come up with before we move forward.

Because if you don’t like the words I write, you won’t use them. And if you want to increase your impact and business growth, I know it’s important to come up with words that make you feel like the amazing professional you are.

How much time will this take to implement?


Once we have our two 90-minute calls, it will take less than a week for me to send you the customized Your Profit Story Report. After one round of revisions, we’re finished! All you have to do at that point is start using the plan and copy in the report to start creating web pages, one-sheets, and talking points to present these offers to your ideal clients.


There is no way you’re going to understand how complicated my business and the needs of my ideal clients are in just 3 hours. How is this even possible?


Because of my experience as an offer creation specialist and Literary Symmetry’s proven frameworks, I know exactly which parts of your business I need to understand to work with you to create the three different offers you need to make a connection between you and your ideal clients. This cuts way down on the time I need to get the offers we’re creating and listing just right.

How long before I see a difference when I use this?


When you use these customized offers, you will see a difference immediately! You will have an instant confidence boost knowing that you have the right words and the best offers for any of the situations your ideal clients face, no matter what they’re going through.

How long will the effectiveness last?


Indefinitely! No matter what kind of accelerated business growth you experience, these offers will always be relevant, and they will always take your audience through the know, like, trust steps to help them understand why they need your specific help, and how as they grow, you have complementary ways to support them.

Is this worth the investment? Will I make my money back?


The confidence and clarity that knowing exactly what to say during your next client call should create sales that will more than cover the price of this service. And you will continue to see a return on your investment as you use these offers over and over again to help new clients and contacts move through your business staircase as they continually see better and better results from each different offer.

Other people offer this for free. Why does this cost $997?


If you want my 15+ years of professional writing experience and you aren’t willing to pay for it, then we aren’t a good fit to work together. And there’s freedom for both of us in that statement. But if you are serious about leveling up your offer creation and sales practices, this is a great way to do it without having to spend $5,000, which is what most offer creation specialists and copywriters would charge for this kind of bundle.

What do I stand to gain? How will this impact my financial future?


Clarity is vital to business growth. If you want to be able to get in front of anyone in your target audience and help them understand why you are their best option for help in just a few minutes, you need to know what you offer and how each offer will benefit them. If you don’t communicate your story, your message, and your offer well, you cannot make sales, and that’s the simple truth.

What kind of results can I expect to see?


You will experience an instant confidence boost once you have your offer report because you won’t ever have to wonder what you should say in any business interaction ever again. And, you’ll be surprised how excited people are when they hear you have different offers at varying price points. That is the power an expertly-crafted business staircase has. It can create excitement in the hearts of those who know they need your help, because they know at least one of your options will be a fit for them, and they can hire you to help in a more focused way as they grow.

Why can’t I just write my own offers out and have them be as effective as the offers you’ll write for me? I don’t have to pay myself to write.


I’m a trained copywriter, an offer creation specialist, and a certified copyeditor. This means I not only understand how to write with clarity, concision, and consistency, but I also understand how to use sales psychology to connect you with your ideal clients. Even if you’re an amazing writer, you aren’t trained to understand how to combine the offers your audience wants with the sales psychology you need your prospective client to go through as you describe your offers. And that’s okay. You have your superpower and I have mine. My superpower just happens to be creating offers and writing for your business in a way that will connect you with the people you really want to work with.

What if I have questions? Is there someone who can help me?


Yes, of course. If you have any questions at all, you can email us directly at Someone from out team will get back to you as soon as possible.

When do I get access to the offer?


Once you finish going through this page, you will be taken to the scheduling site where you will be able to pay for and schedule the first Your Profit Story Offer Audit call. Plus, as a reminder, you will also be emailed the link to sign up for your second call as well. Once we spend the two calls working through your offers together, I will spend one week crafting your customized report, complete with language that helps you better explain why you’re so passionate about your professional superpower.

Don’t Take My Word For It, See What Other Business Owners Are

Saying About the Your Profit Story Offer Audit

Stephanie Dalfonzo,

Anxiety Recovery Expert

“Literary Symmetry’s Offer Audit is A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!

I’ve had a ‘free offer’ for years, but that was it. I had really been put off by so many people squawking about funnels—and so I just stuck with my free offer and private coaching sessions. I realize now that it was way too big a jump to go from free to high free.

With Kristin’s guidance, I no longer see planned customer journeys as smarmy, but more as being of greater service to potential clients. They can get to know me and choose to move up the staircase at their own speed and comfort level.  

I feel like I am now able to serve more people and provide more value with this new structure.

Thank you so much, Kristin!”

This Is Everything You’ll Get When You Sign Up For the Your Profit Story Offer Audit Today

Two 90-Minute Offer Refinement Coaching Calls
(Value $3,000)

Normally, companies pay $1,000 per hour for my consulting services. When you purchase the Your Profit Story Offer Audit, you are getting 3 hours of consulting for the price of one. I will help you streamline your offers and sales process so that you can provide more value to your ideal client.

Learn what your audience thinks they need so that you gain permission to help them with the changes they really need to make, and all with ascending offers that fit any price point and prove your expertise without taking up any more of your precious time.

Your Profit Story Offer Audit Report
(Value $2,000)

Have your entire customer journey mapped out with language that targets your ideal client’s biggest pain point. And all written with a proven format that addresses all 3 different types of purchasing personalities.

If you’re tired of not knowing what to offer at different price points, and you know running another sale or slashing your prices will take a toll on your soul, this is the package that will finally give you the clarity and confidence to always have an offer ready.

And all while you deliver intense value and results that will set you apart from your competitors.

BONUS: The Heart of Your Offers Messaging Document
(Value $750)

When you sit and dream about the future of your business, your purpose can feel so clear. But when it comes time to articulate your professional superpower and your passion for the industry to clients, that’s a different situation.

With the “Heart of Your Offers” messaging document, you’ll have several paragraphs of clear, emotion-filled copy you can memorize so that next time you meet an ideal client who needs your help, you can articulate exactly why you’re the person to provide that help.

All packed with your personal story and proven sales psychology.

This Package’s Total Value Is: $5,750

literary symmetry your profit story offer audit

But If You Sign Up Today, You’ll Get The Your Profit Story Offer Audit For Over 80% Off!

Are you ready to finally have the words and offers you need to help

your ideal clients understand why you’re the one who can get them results?

For Just One Payment of $997!