Can Having My Own Book Actually Make Me More Money? Find Out With 3 Simple Questions

Always Make Sure Your Business Writing Is:

Benefit Focused

What does the person who needs your help need to hear?

Simple and Concise

Are you using words that anyone could understand?

Authentic and Honest

Do you stay true to your voice? Are you honest about your results?

Can Having My Own Book Actually Make Me More Money? Find Out With 3 Simple Questions

There is a lot of hype around having your own book, and over the last 10 years, I’ve seen a lot of people make promises about how having a book can get you a crapton of money. I have yet to see most of those people deliver on that promise.

But the truth is, not every business is at a stage where taking the time and financial resources to create a book is the next best step.

One of the reasons why books have been marketed to business owners as a type of magical bean is because some people realized how lucrative book services businesses can be. The problem is, though, that many of them use powerful marketing language to convince you that a book is your only solution to business growth.

Then they pressure you into writing the kind of book they think is easy to sell, they charge you thousands of dollars, and give you a final product that is mediocre in quality and say their goodbyes. Because they have been careful not to promise you that you would see a return on your investment, and once the book is finished, they disappear.

And while they’re taking you through the process of writing your book, they’re using contracted workers who aren’t usually well qualified. And they’re constantly looking for ways to get even more money out of your pocket along the way for services like press releases and excessive extra rounds of edits and other services that won’t help you make your investment back.

The truth about book farms… (traditional publishing versus hybrid publishing)

Now, I want to help you understand whether crafting a book to promote your business makes sense for where you’re at today.

If you’ve ever wondered if a book would be right to promote your business, here’s a quick quiz:

-Do you already have consistent monthly income from your business that exceeds your professional and working expenses by at least 30%?

-Do your systems support your business in a way that you have enough time to sit and write?

-Do you have a message to write about that can be directly linked to one of your high-ticket offers?

If you can’t say yes to all 3 of those questions, you shouldn’t invest in writing a book to grow your business… yet.


Because until you have hit those benchmarks, the content you would put into a book will not serve your business well. Plus, the book you write won’t be the one you will wish you’d written even a year from now.

If you’re not there, here’s what you can do to work toward that goal:

-Surround yourself with people who are already there.

-Make sure your messaging is tight and based on real feedback from work with clients you love serving.

-Refine your offers, one at a time, until you have a menu that people have a hard time saying “no” to.Are you ready to learn more about how Literary Symmetry can help you communicate clearly with confidence to grow and scale your business? Awesome! Head here for two amazing, complimentary resources.

Business Growth via Storytelling

Learn how to build a messaging foundation from consistency so that when you achieve visibility, you create trust with the person who needs your help most: your ideal customer.

Hi, I’m Kristin and I’ve always been storytelling obsessed. When I realized I could help business owners grow using their underrated superpower—their personal story—I realized that I could finally accomplish my goal of changing the world one story story at a time. Are you curious about how I can help you grow using time-tested methods, frameworks, and expert-level storytelling?

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