Uncover The Truth About Copywriting and Content Writing

Always Make Sure Your Business Writing Is:

Benefit Focused

What does the person who needs your help need to hear?

Simple and Concise

Are you using words that anyone could understand?

Authentic and Honest

Do you stay true to your voice? Are you honest about your results?

Uncover The Truth About Copywriting and Content Writing

If you don’t already know what the difference between copywriting and content writing is, I’m about to save you so, so, so much money.

Copywriting and Content Writing

Did you know that people who write content for you will call themselves copywriters, but creating content is actually a totally different skill? Copywriters are writing words that can cause action. Content writers are creating words that you use to consistently show up. Do both types of writing need to match your brand? Yes. You should definitely share your messaging breakdown with your content writer.

But, you should not pay a content writer the same thing as you would pay a copywriter. Copywriters cost way more because the ROI is measurable. If I write a sales page and charge $10,000, but it makes $50,000 in three months, that makes sense. If I charge $5,000 for 10 pieces of social media content that don’t make any measurable amount of money, you’re right to be irritated.

Content is to build brand reputation and establish trust through consistency over time. It’s not necessarily easy to write. You still need someone who specializes in being able to write in your voice, which means you need a ghostwriter. A content ghostwriter is different than a ghostwriter who writes entire books. Book ghostwriters are rare and therefore have high price points. Content ghostwriters are not as rare and work on short projects. Also, a lot of people who say they are content ghostwriters don’t bother to try to catch the voice of your brand, which is a huge problem that will keep your ideal client or customer out of reach.

So, if you are going to hire a content writer, make sure they understand that part of their job is to be able to write in your brand voice.

And if you try to hire a content writer (also known as a content ghostwriter) and they want to charge you copywriting prices, a quick “No thanks” will go a long way to protecting your business income.

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