How Should I Talk About My Business | Quick Start Guide to Share Confidently

Always Make Sure Your Business Writing Is:

Benefit Focused

What does the person who needs your help need to hear?

Simple and Concise

Are you using words that anyone could understand?

Authentic and Honest

Do you stay true to your voice? Are you honest about your results?

How Should I Talk About My Business | Quick Start Guide to Share Confidently

You have the skill. Your passion is real. All of your systems are in place. But how do you actually talk about your business?

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If you’ve been wondering “How should I talk about my business?” this post is for you. Because knowing what to say is actually an expert skill that most business owners aren’t born with.

However, it is a skill anyone can learn. Are you in?

The first thing you need to know about writing for your business is that you don’t have to do it alone. There are people out in the world who specialize in business writing: That’s right, I’m talking about the curious copywriter. And since I am one, I’m going to share some of the behind the scenes information we use to write for the businesses of others.

There are certain things that potential clients need to hear when they’re trying to decide if they want to work with you. And that is what you should talk about when you’re discussing your business. So, what do they want to hear?

Your business origin story.

Why do you love what you do? How did you get started doing it? What result will you get them if they work with you?

Client success stories.

What results have you gotten real people? What did this journey look like for your client before and after they worked with you?

Your failure story.

What failure have you experienced related to your business. How did it feel when you failed? How did you adjust and find a way to succeed? What did it feel like when you succeeded?

Those are just a few basic things to discuss when you talk about your business, but you might be wondering how to talk about them. Making a list of dry facts won’t work.

The truth is, people who are actually excited to listen to you talk about your business want to be spoken to in a way that will connect them to you. Every successful business interaction is born out of relationship.

If you don’t allow the other person to find a point of connection with you, you aren’t giving them a way to convince their brain that working with you will pay off.

This is why I strongly recommend that you use short stories that deal with your business origins, client successes, and your failures.

Every story should have a beginning, middle, and end. And it doesn’t need to take more than one or two sentences.

You should also make sure you use your authentic voice, be honest about what happened, and share your feelings.

Emotions are powerful. Don’t underestimate the strong bond they can create.

When you talk to people about your business, they want to hear these 3 things:

  • They have a problem but aren’t alone in it. (You know how it feels so make sure to mirror their pain.)
  • You have a solution to their problem.
  • You are a trustworthy person.

Now You Know The Answer To “How Should I Talk About My Business?”

Don’t panic. You can actually build these 3 things into your stories. But only if you take the time to plan ahead. So, sit down and work through the questions in this post and answer them with the 3 things in mind.

And think forward to the next time you get the privilege of talking about your business.

Because the question “How do I talk about my business?” doesn’t have to feel so scary.

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