When Failing isn’t Failing

Always Make Sure Your Business Writing Is:

Benefit Focused

What does the person who needs your help need to hear?

Simple and Concise

Are you using words that anyone could understand?

Authentic and Honest

Do you stay true to your voice? Are you honest about your results?

When Failing isn’t Failing

When failing isn't failing. Slow Down.

When Failing isn’t Failing

Hey everyone,

Kristin here. I hope April has been good to you. It was one of the busiest months I’ve had in a while. So busy, I failed. In addition to a planned trip to Star Wars Celebration, Chicago, I also started my first course toward my Copy Editing Certificate via the University of California, San Diego. Then, the day after we got back from SWC, my mom came to visit. I had to show her the Burgh, didn’t I? It was her first time ever on this side of the country.

On April 4th around midnight my husband sighed as we crawled into bed. “Can you quit Camp now that you’ve put in a good-faith effort? This month is already going to be overwhelming.” Usually when my husband says I should quit, I ignore him (even though he is almost always right). This time, I listened. This was my first ever NaNoWriMo event failure. I’m the kind of person that always—even if it means my sanity starts to come away from my body like a banana’s peel—finishes the goals I set for myself. I still did some research on my April project, but not 100 hours, or even 50, which was my adjusted goal.

My Grammar Lab course is kicking my butt (I have my midterm tomorrow, so if you’re a prayer, send a few my way, please?), but it’s my main work priority at the moment. Plus, I’m a mom. I run my own business. I’m an editor. This month, I was also the seamstress for the #cutesterspence collective (a fancy way of saying I made three cosplay costumes before we left for Star Wars Celebration on April 11th).

I failed at reaching my Camp NaNoWriMo goal, but in comparison to everything I achieved, I still think April was pretty productive.

The unfortunate habit of trying to do everything at once tried to creep back into my life again this month, but I said ‘No!’. I don’t regret it.

When is failing really winning for you?

P.S. I did succeed at something I have never done before. It was my pleasure to complete the #LitSymCamp4_19 Challenge, even though I didn’t complete my Camp goal. We will announce the winner of free editing services this weekend.

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